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          There are many diverse aspects to growing food, and everyone finds their own path toward their livelihoods -- filled with both fun and hardships. Follow along as we explore our food and the tools we use to get us there.

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          In the spotlight

          Incubator Farm Manager Wanted in MA

          Incubator Farm Manager Wanted at New Entry Sustainable Farming Project in Beverly, MA – 2021 New Entry Sustainable Farming Project is seeking [...]
          • Sustainable Agriculture Apprenticeship in Michigan at Tollgate Farm, Part of the Michigan State University Extension System – 2021 MSUE Tollgate Farm is located on 160 acres in Novi, MI and includes pasture, hay fields, 40 acres of forest, a conference center and educational facilities. The sustainable agriculture field totals seven acres with three under cultivation as well as a heated greenhouse for transplant production and four caterpillar tunnels. We grow more [...]
          • Aspen Moon Farm Internship in Colorado for the 2021 Season Aspen Moon Farm Internship:  We will hire 4 or more interns for 2021. The mission of Aspen Moon Farm is to feed as many people as much high-quality delicious nutritious organic and biodynamic local food as possible; while continuing to build active soil-life through crop rotation, livestock rotation, and on-farm composting. A little About Us: Aspen Moon Farm is located in Longmont and Niwot, CO 80503 (near Boulder). Owners Jason [...]
          • Registration is Now Open for the 2021 Organic Growers School Conference Online The 28th Annual Organic Growers School Spring Conference will be held Online, March 13-21, 2021. The Spring Conference is a one-of-a-kind event that offers workshops on organic growing and sustainable living. Our mission is to provide down-to-earth, practical advice while remaining affordable and accessible. Register Now This year we are going virtual and the conference will be accessible to more [...]
          • Interested in a Farm Apprenticeship on Long Island in 2021? East End Food Institute Can Match You With the Right Farm! About Apprentice Matching East End Food Institute‚Äôs Apprentice Matching service offers the opportunity to apply to multiple farms and food businesses on Long Island, New York, through one application. We connect individuals who are interested in working in sustainable food businesses with those who want to share their expertise. Our mentors include a wide variety of food [...]
          • Field Manager Job in Colorado at Aspen Moon Farm for 2021 Field Manager Job in Colorado Description: Manage all aspects of the field including the field crew leaders, crew, and volunteers.  Daily knowledge of whole farm needs (ie what beds are where, what needs covered, weeded, harvested, irrigated, sprayed, etc) and communicating that to all staff and managers daily and as needed.  Cultivating, Manage Field seeding plan (seed crops, choose proper plates, record, make adjustments, [...]
          • Farm Crew Wanted in Vermont at Diggers’ Mirth Collective Farm in Burlington’s Intervale – 2021 Diggers’ Mirth Collective Farm is looking to hire a few experienced people for our farm crew for the 2021 season. We are a 15 acre collectively owned and operated organic vegetable farm located in the Intervale in Burlington, Vermont. The Intervale is 360 acres of protected farmland and forest located along the Winooski River floodplain within city limits of Vermont’s [...]
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